Cloud Security Connectors for Netskope with PriCPA

Introducing the Cloud Security Connector for Netskope with Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA)

The Cloud Security Connector (CSC) is a virtual device that enables easy deployments of the Netskope SASE solution in any customer environment, enabling the protection of your Public and Private Traffic. 

Video: Introduction to the Cloud Security Connector for Netskope with PriCPA

New! Cloud Security Connector GRE Cluster for Netskope with PriCPA

Main benefits of the CSC for Netskope when protecting your traffic to Internet

  • Simple to create: Filling a form for On-prem or automated creation on Public Clouds for Cloud Marketplaces.
  • No configuration: the CSC is delivered full configured.
  • Simple to implement: Deploying an OVA file for On-Prem or automatically on Public Clouds.
  • Redundancy: The CSC will select the Primary and Secondary Netskope Node automatically.
  • High Availability: Cluster configuration for On-prem and HA pair for Public Clouds.
  • High Speed: 1 Gbps or more to Netskope NewEdge.
  • All Traffic: The CSC supports any traffic to Netskope NewEdge. You can use Web & Cloud Firewall.
  • Bypass Traffic via your Public IP: You can reach Trusted Sites via your Public IP.
  • Visibility: Full visibility of your internal IPs on Netskope Cloud.
  • Compatibility: The CSC for On-Prem works behind any firewall vendors.
  • All Virtual Platforms:  The CSC for On-Prem works on any Virtual Platform: Vmware, Hyper-V, KVM, etc.
  • Public Clouds: The CSC for Publics Cloud works on AWS, Azure and Gcloud. (Available very soon).
  • DevOps Management: The CSC is a modern device designed to be provisioned and managed using DevOps.
  • Mature Software: The CSC is providing protection for more than 250 companies worldwide.
  • Very Cost Effective Solution.

Main benefits of the CSC for Netskope when protecting your Private Traffic

  • Simplicity: Easy and Fast deployment of a full mesh private encrypted network.
  • Privacy: All communication is encrypted end-to-end between your devices, and it is under your control.
  • Link Savings: PriCPA replaces your MPLS links with a cheaper and encrypted option.
  • Cloud Savings: PriCPA eliminates the complexity and decreases the cost of connecting to AWS, Azure and Gcloud.
  • High Speed: 1 Gbps encrypted traffic per site. The CSC uses state of the art kernel encryption technology.
  • All Traffic: PriCPA works will all ports and protocols and provide complete visibility of internal IPs.
  • Zero Trust: PriCPA is Zero Trust. You define who talks to who.
  • Segmentation: Granular policies allows to define the access to applications from the segments you decide.
  • Very Cost Effective Solution.


DEMO I : Protecting your Public Traffic with the CSC for Netskope with PriCPA

DEMO II: Protecting your Private Traffic with the CSC for Netskope with PriCPA.


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