Inspired by Brunel,

There is always a better way to do things.

About Maidenhead Bridge

Maidenhead Bridge (MHB) is a pioneer in the emerging multi-cloud network software providers (MCNS) category.

MHB unique solution lets customers connect from any virtual platform and cloud with Cloud Security Connectors (CSC) for Secure Service Edge (SSE) vendors.

MHB is a technology partner of Zscaler and Netskope, and provides Cloud Security Connectors since 2016.

MHB has more than 250 customers worldwide. 

Adrian Larsen, a member of the first Zscaler SE team in 2009, founded Maidenhead Bridge in 2016 to solve the challenges when connecting to SSE vendors from Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, GCloud) and On-Prem. 

MHB follows the Unix Principle: "Do One Thing and Do It Well"

Maidenhead Bridge -  A Case Study of Azure Marketplace

Anthony Joseph, Vice President, Microsoft Cloud Marketplace & ISV Journey, presents Maidenhead Bridge at the first worldwide Marketplace Summit.

We created a disruptive technology for Netskope & Zscaler ...

 .....that allows customers to connect to Netskope or Zscaler without touching their infrastructure: The Cloud Security Connectors (CSC).

No knowledge on networking is required: Launch the CSC directly from the Cloud Marketplace (AWS, Azure, Gcloud) or filling a form with your IP addressing and download your CSC (OVA for Vmware, Hyper-V, etc.) with the perfect configuration for Netskope or Zscaler.

The Cloud Security Connectors in numbers:

  • More than 10 Million hours running without pause.
  • More than 250 customers worldwide.
  • Only 8 Support tickets opened in the last 180 days. 

The Cloud Security Connector reflects the power of bespoke solutions when connecting multiple clouds as Automation, Simplicity, All Features, Stability and Cost Savings

We are Netskope & Zscaler Technology partners

Maidenhead Bridge was founded by Adrian Larsen, a member of the first Systems Engineer team of Zscaler in 2009.

Maidenhead Bridge has several years of experience connecting companies to Cloud Secure Web Gateways and is one of the oldest technology partners of Zscaler.

Our Customers

Our products are used by more than 250 companies in the world, including big multinationals with thousands of users. 

Here a brief list:

  • UK Government: MHB is part of the Cyber Supplier Schema and provides solutions to UK Government offices.
  • American multinational finance and insurance corporation with operations in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. (45K employess)
  • Multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company (70K employees)
  • British multinational consumer goods company. (37K employees)
  • British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products. (55K employees)
  • The largest online retailer in South Korea. (37K employees)
  • Largest Australian gambling and entertainment company. (8K employees)
  • Swedish multinational industrial company. (38K employees)
  • French company that produces alcoholic beverages (19K employees)
  • British home furnishings retailer with 169 superstores. (7K employees)
  • British private company which owns a number of subsidiary undertakings operating in theleisure and holiday sectors. (14K employees)
  • World's second largest wind turbine manufacturer. (24.5K employees)
  • World's largest hearing aid retailer. (16K employees)
  • Worldwide provider of electronic payment services (8K employees)

Inspired by Isambard Kingdom Brunel

The first time I saw the Maidenhead Bridge, I told myself: This shouldn't work, but it works. The length of the arc is entirely unusual and helpful. Ships can pass comfortably under the bridge and is doing the job on top. Without a doubt, there is always a better way to do things. This event was the beginning of this company.

Current firewall and networking technology for branches were designed for LAN and WAN environments but not for Cloud connectivity. Whenever we need to connect branches or from Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, Gcloud) to the Cloud Security Web Gateway provider, we need to do very complex setups that are often entirely inefficient in terms of performance, insecure and with not high availability.

Maidenhead Bridge solves this problem. We provide the solution required to connect branches to cloud services in an efficient way.

Maidenhead Bridge started with Zscaler integration in 2006 and now is also a technology partner of Netskope. 

We are very proud of providing the best connectivity solution to the leaders on the Gartner's quadrant. 

- Adrian Larsen - CEO and Founder

My old requirements

In 1996, with the requirement to deploy thousands of routers for a Service Provider, I requested router vendors to configure it before ship (at least to put the IP, Netmask and Gateway on the main interface) to send the equipment to the customer's branches directly.

Vendors never did it. They offer an empty machine with many manuals, knowledge databases, training to do, etc. Achieving the perfect configuration will require a lot of training, testing and time. Finally, you found that the ideal setup is impossible to achieve, and the product is not solving your problems.

This situation is a very frustrating process, expensive, and not what companies want.

Maidenhead Bridge solves this problem.

We provide products wholly configured for the specific purpose requested. You will not need several weeks of training to achieve a properly working configuration. Moreover, you don't need to have networking knowledge.

With years of experience in the networking, security and cloud industry, I created a solution that finally solves "my old requirements" because nobody is doing it.

- Adrian Larsen - CEO and Founder

Maidenhead Bridge Limited is a company registered in England and Wales Number 10478425 - VAT 259 7675 41

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