Cloud Security Connectors for Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA)

Introduction to Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA)

Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA) is a cloud-native solution for WAN communications that covers the scenarios of site-to-site, site-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud, following the principles of Zero Trust. Legacy security networking solutions cannot be forklifted to the cloud. There are technical, operational and security limitations when using Legacy solutions. Networking engineers designed Legacy networking solutions to communicate branches, central offices and data centres.

Cloud communications arrived with new challenges of networking, security and, mainly, operational agility. Applications are now distributed in multiple VNET/VPCs of different clouds, APIs are required to be accessed from numerous sites, and we still need to communicate with on-prem services. An agile method of any-to-any secure encrypted communications with zero trust is required, and Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA) is the answer to this challenge.

Presentation of Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA)

CSC PriCPA for Virtual Platforms

New! The CSC PriCPA for Vmware, Hyper-V and KVM is available now. 

Please, contact us for instructions how to create the CSC PriCPA for Virtual Platforms.

CSC PriCPA for Azure

New! The CSC PriCPA for Azure is available now.  You can launch it from the Azure Marketplace.

CSC for Private Cloud Private Access (PriCPA) - Key benefits

With Private Cloud Private Access, you can connect all sites securely on a Zero Trust model. The CSC PriCPA secures your Private Traffic between your physical and cloud locations.

The key benefits are:


  • 80% savings compared with Cloud VPN Gateways or Service Broker Clouds.

  • Reduced TCO.

Performance and Scalability:

  • High Performance: 1 Gbps encrypted traffic per CSC.

  • Multiple sites can be deployed.

  • Multiple PriCPA clouds can be created.


  • Any to Any Communications. (Crypto Key Routing).

  • All protocols are supported.


  • Full hardened device.

  • All traffic is encrypted using latest state of the art encryption protocols.

  • Zero Trust.

  • Blocks Lateral movement.

  • Automatic Security Group provisioning via Azure CLI.


  • No Networking knowledge required.

  • No operational burden for Administrators.

  • Networking as a code: Single JSON file for policies.

  • DevOps automated deployment: Azure ARM or Terraform or similar.

  • 2 Steps configuration: Onboard the Node to PriCPA Cloud and Deploy Policies (Single JSON file).


  • Traffic Logs and System Logs.

  • Traffic visibility End to End.

  • Source IPs preserved.

High Availability:

  • Automatic Route provisioning ("next-hop") via Azure CLI.

  • Automatic configuration of "Floating Public IP".

  • Automatic re routing to Management Networks.

  • Cluster configuration for Virtual Platforms.


  • 100% Compatible with CSCs for Zscaler and Netskope.

  • 100% Compatible with devices that supports Wireguard(*) Protocol.

Simple Management:

  • Local Management: SSH Admin Console with configuration wizards, full status reporting.

  • Remote Management: No proprietary software required. You can use any change management tool to configure and update the CSC, such as Azure CLI "Run Command", AWS System Manager (SSM agent), Ansible, Rundeck, scripting via SSH or similar.

  • SNMP v2c and v3 support.

  • Radius/MFA for SSH Admin Console access.

  • SIEM/Syslog integration for Traffic and Systems Logs.

  • TCPDump integrated in the SSH Admin Console.

  • Linux terminal console allowed (csccli user).

(1) Wireguard is a trademark of Jason Donenfeld. 


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