The perfect technology for the hottest IPO of the Year

It was less than two years when we decided to create the perfect solution to connect companies to Zscaler based in two premises:

  1. The solution must cover all requirements of a Web Security implementation.
  2. No configuration is required. 

And we made it real. 

The family of Cloud Security Connectors for Zscaler is the only solution 100% focused on Zscaler that solves the challenges of a Web Security implementation without limitations. No other vendor can do this. 

The Web traffic is so critical today that there is not place for manual configurations trying to adapt networking or security devices to cloud services. The device and the configuration must be perfect in order to achieve the perfect results. 

The old era of multipurpose devices that are good for something but never ideal for anything is gone. 

The new era is all about the specific device that does the perfect job.  

The old era of configure by yourself (if you can!) is also gone. It is a waste of time and money to have employees reading manuals, doing training and certifications on topics that are not related to the core business of a company.

The new era is all about to fill a form and to start using the service.

At Maidenhead Bridge we are very proud of having the perfect technology for the hottest IPO of the year. 

The best is yet to come.  


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