Professional Services for Zscaler

Most Web Security Services fails due to poor implementations and Zscaler is not the exception.

After WannaCry, the lesson that companies must learn is "every security solution requires a proper deployment and maintenance".

Zscaler does a great job in terms of maintenance when comparing with classic web security appliances but is yet more complicated than installing an appliance.

The reason of this is because there are too many moving parts that are required to put to work together: several traffic redirection methods (Pac files, Ipsec / Gre tunnels), Authentication mechanism (ADFS, SSO providers, LDAP), software deployment (for Zscaler APP client), Firewall Rules to be created, Windows Group Policies are required to setup, specific configurations for internal or external applications and more. The list is very long due to you need to integrate several technologies: Networking, Firewall, Software deployment, Microsoft, Antivirus, Remote Access, Single Sign On, SSL decryption, SIEM and finally the Zscaler console configuration.

The good news is that Zscaler works incredible well when properly implemented and the user experience is great in terms of performance and security.

If you are struggling with your current Zscaler implementation or you are embarking to deploy a new one, please contact us.

We have several years of experience. We know how to install Zscaler properly.

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