A direct replacement of your current Web Appliances

Maidenhead Bridge is proud to announce the general availability of the version 4.0 (All-in-One) of the Cloud Security (CSC) Anywhere. In addition to our capabilities of traffic redirection to Zscaler from any Internet link without restrictions related to static IPs or Public...
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What Zscaler customers says about the Cloud Security Connectors (CSC)

I am a techie, I know. I would like to write about that the CSC-GRE is a Carrier Grade product up to the level that allows to do "hitless upgrades" or about the "Resilient Algorithm" of the CSC Anywhere that will keep you connection live to Zscaler, even when your Internet p...
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The importance of using Cloud Technologies to connect to the Cloud

From the beginning of the packet networking era, all vendors recommended to use the same solution end to end. The use of the same technology on both ends has multiple benefits and can guarantee 100% compatibility.  The same happens today when you want to connect to clou...
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Frequent travellers knows the importance of a travel adaptor. It is a simple device, with no or near no configuration that does a vital task: It connects your device properly and safely to the electric power.  When people doesn’t have a travel adaptor is when they sta...
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Most Web Security Services fails due to poor implementations and Zscaler is not the exception. After WannaCry, the lesson that companies must learn is "every security solution requires a proper deployment and maintenance". Zscaler does a great job in terms of maintenanc...
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If you resell Zscaler and your End Customer has Cisco ASA, Checkpoint, Palo Alto or "No default route" to the internet, you should pay attention to the "Cloud Security Connector" of Maidenhead Bridge. ...
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