Break Free from Expensive Links and "Change Reque$t"

What Zscaler customers says about the Cloud Security Connectors (CSC)

I am a techie, I know. I would like to write about that the CSC-GRE is a Carrier Grade product up to the level that allows to do "hitless upgrades" or about the "Resilient Algorithm" of the CSC Anywhere that will keep you connection live to Zscaler, even when your Internet provider change your IP or the internet path is slow or there are issues during re-keying IPsec tunnels. I can talk hours about all this features, but when asked partners and customers about why they decided to use the Cloud Security Connector they said:

 "The CSC does what it says on the tin so I am satisfied that we could position it when the opportunity arises" (May '17)  Senior Operations Director, major Zscaler partner with CSCs deployed in all continents at this moment. (Oct '17)

and here voice of the end customers:

Zscaler says:  Break free from Security appliances, 

and customers using Cloud Security Connectors added: 

  • We Break free from Expensive Links and "Change Reque$t" (*)
  • With the CSC Anywhere we can use any cheap broadband link.
  • For the price of a "Change Reque$t" we can buy any CSC model.
  • We don't need external (or internal) networking expertise to connect to Zscaler. (**)
  • We are completely independent of any the Service Provider.
  • This is the cheapest and fastest way to connect to Zscaler.

Say no more.

(*) Change Reque$t is referred to the price asked from Service Providers to create tunnels, routes and firewall rules required connect to Zscaler cloud.

(**) The CSC is delivered already configured with the perfect setup for Zscaler. You only need to fill a form with your IP addressing and you will receive the CSC with all configuration done.


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