The "All-in-One" solution for Zscaler

A direct replacement of your current Web Appliances

Maidenhead Bridge is proud to announce the general availability of the version 4.0 (All-in-One) of the Cloud Security (CSC) Anywhere.

In addition to our capabilities of traffic redirection to Zscaler from any Internet link without restrictions related to static IPs or Public IPs or NATs, etc; we added the capability of "Bypass Proxy".

In current Web Security designs, you always have the requirement to send some traffic direct to Internet from your location. The reasons are several. For example, you need to reach a web site from your public IP due to source IP validation or you want to send particular traffic direct to your trusted provider and more. 

For each site do you want to send direct, you need to add firewall rules and in some cases routes to the destinations on each exit to internet in your corporation. As soon this list grows, to manage all destinations IPs at all sites is a nightmare. 

With the Bypass Proxy functionality this task is simple. Just add the domain you want to bypass with the wildcard to allow all sub domains. No more firewall rules, no additional routes. 

The CSC Anywhere can be integrated with AWS as Cloud Managed Instances running on premises. All management can be done via AWS powerful tools. In one click you can update all bypasses at all CSCs. 

The CSC Anywhere comes with all configuration. You don't need to have networking knowledge to connect to Zscaler. Simply fill a form with your IP, GW and DNS information and done! You will receive the Virtual Machine ready to connect to Zscaler with the perfect configuration on it. 

Your only task is to create a PAC file to redirect the traffic to Zscaler via the VIP Proxy and direct to Internet via the Bypass Proxy. We provide PAC file examples to simplify this task too. 

The CSC Anywhere is the "All-in-One" solution for Zscaler and a direct replacement of your current Web Appliance. You don't need to re-architect your network. You can place the CSC Anywhere in the same LAN segment than your current Web Appliance. 

Automation and simplicity is what we provide. With the CSC Anywhere your problems are gone: no more headaches with tunnel configurations, routing tables and firewall rules. 

As our biggest customer said: 

"The Cloud Security Connectors are the cheapest, simplest, fastest and more reliable solution to redirect traffic to Zscaler. A real lifesaver of any Zscaler project."

More information at: CSC-Anywhere


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