The "Travel Adaptor" to the Zscaler Cloud

Frequent travellers knows the importance of a travel adaptor. It is a simple device, with no or near no configuration that does a vital task: It connects your device properly and safely to the electric power. 

When people doesn’t have a travel adaptor is when they start doing stupid things that can compromise their safety. There are a lot of funnies stories about this and some tragic as well. 

The same happens when companies tries to connect to Zscaler using legacy security networking technology. They start creating very complex configurations, with several firewall rules, messy routes, and more. A lot of work and effort and frustration because at the end they will find that the perfect configuration is not achievable and they are compromising the security, performance and high availability even when they were trying to improve them. 

At Maidenhead Bridge, we created the Cloud Security Connectors for Zscaler that comes with the perfect configuration. You don’t need to configure anything: Just fill a form with your IP addressing and download the software. 

The Cloud Security Connectors (CSC) family covers all scenarios for Zscaler: From a Small Branch using a cheap broadband internet link to a High End location with speed requirements up to 1 Gbps and full High Availability.

Zscaler works beautiful but you need to connect to the cloud correctly. 

Our Cloud Connector is like a travel adaptor: a simple device that does the work in compliance with the strict requirements and norms. 

Please, contact us at and travel safely to the Zscaler Cloud. 

Maidenhead Bridge is a technology partner of Zscaler. With more than a hundred installations done, we know the challenges and how to solve them.  


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